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Bruning-Davenport Unified School District is a school of 185 students with PK-1 elementary facilities at the Bruning site and grades 2-4 at Davenport, a 5-8 grades middle school in Davenport, and a 9-12 grades high school in Bruning. This is our seventeenth year of the unification agreement between Bruning and Davenport. Seventeen miles separate the two school sites. The district has 26 full-time and 2 part-time certified teachers and two administrators. We co-op with Shickley Public Schools in both a junior high and high school sports program. Our coop has been successful in offering opportunities for competition at both levels. We provide online dual-credit options in multiple curricular areas through SENCAP and local colleges (i.e. UNL, Peru State, SCC). Bruning-Davenport USD has 1:1 laptops for grades 6-12. We create opportunities for our students to enhance their 21st century skills through technology (i.e. Spheros, Tynker, drones, 3-D printer, Carvey, Legos, coding).


DISTRICT INFORMATION: Bruning-Davenport Unified Sys,
PO BOX 190
DAVENPORT, 68335-0190
DISTRICT PHONE: (402)364-2225
FAX: (402)364-2477
DISTRICT ID:85-2001-000

SCHOOLS UNDER CURRENT DISTRICT : Bruning-Davenport Unified Sys , DISTRICT ID : 85-2001-000

The release date for Statewide Assessments is 12/31/2018

Attendance Rates will be available on March 31 - 2017

Language Arts Graduation Requirements

Mathematics Graduation Requirements

The release date for Graduation Cohort and Dropout is 12/31/2018

The release date for Teachers is 10/15/2018

Financial Receipts for school year: 2015-2016

Financial Expenditures for school year: 2015-2016

The release date for SPED is 12/31/2018

The release date for Other Assessments is 10/15/2018

The release date for Student Performance is 10/15/2018

English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century