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The Wisner and Pilger school districts merged in 1969 to form the Wisner-Pilger Public School District #30. Approximately 430 students attend a PK-4 Elementary School, 5-6 Middle School, and a 7-12 Jr.-Sr. High School in Wisner. The District prides itself on its dual credit program, morning and afternoon preschool for three and four year-old students, and a dual-core reading program. Wisner-Pilger Public Schools exists to provide quality educational, social, and cultural experiences to enhance knowledge, character, skills, and attitudes. The district strives to provide a comprehensive education to help develop competence for living in society and instill the desire to continue learning throughout life.


DISTRICT INFORMATION: Wisner-Pilger Public Schools,
PO BOX 580
WISNER, 68791-0580
DISTRICT PHONE: (402)529-3249
FAX: (402)529-3477
DISTRICT ID:20-0030-000

SCHOOLS UNDER CURRENT DISTRICT : Wisner-Pilger Public Schools , DISTRICT ID : 20-0030-000

The release date for Statewide Assessments is 12/31/2018

Attendance Rates will be available on March 31 - 2017

Graduation Rate

What percent of students graduated in four years?

College Going Rate

The release date for Graduation Cohort and Dropout is 12/31/2018

The release date for Teachers is 10/15/2018

Financial Receipts

Where do schools get their monetary resources?

Financial Expenditures

Where do schools spend their monetary resources?

Financial Per Pupil Expenditures

The release date for SPED is 12/31/2018

The release date for Other Assessments is 10/15/2018

The release date for Student Performance is 10/15/2018

English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century


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