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Arnold Elementary School serves diverse Lincoln families in the neighborhoods West of the Lincoln Airport. Arnold is a Title I School that served 784 students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade during the 2015 – 2016 school year. 7.5% of our students receive English Language Learner services. 68% of our student qualify for free or reduced lunch. Arnold School is organized into Professional Learning Communities/Data Teams that collaborate with a clear and consistent focus on students and their learning. Teachers at Arnold are dedicated to the students, families, and community they serve. Arnold provides Science, Art, Music, Media, Computer, Physical Education, ELL, Special Education, Collaborative Preschool, Academic Interventionists for reading and math, and a Comprehensive Family Literacy Program. The Arnold Community Learning Center provides before and after school care along with a variety of academic support, enrichment clubs, and family involvement activities.


SCHOOL INFORMATION: Arnold Elementary School

LINCOLN, 68524-2305
SCHOOL PHONE: (402)436-1120
FAX: (402)458-3220
SCHOOL ID: 55-0001-023

The release date for Statewide Assessments is 12/31/2018

The release date for Graduation Cohort and Dropout is 12/31/2018

The release date for Teachers is 10/15/2018

The release date for Student Performance is 10/15/2018

English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century