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Palmyra District OR-1 is a K-12 Accredited School District located 15 miles southeast of Lincoln, NE. It is a consolidated district serving the communities of Palmyra, Bennet and Douglas. Bennet Elementary is one half of District OR-1 Public Schools. The Pre K-6 building has 24 certified staff and approximately 285 students. A before and after school Rec. program is available and an early childhood preschool program for children ages 3 and 4. K-6 students participate in Music, PE, Art, Library Skills and Computer classes each week. Title 1 Services are offered for students in the areas of Reading and Math. Bennet Elementary uses an RtI (Response to Intervention) framework for students in K-6. All Pre-K-6th grade students are actively engaged in the Second Step character educations program. Bennet Elementary uses a school wide discipline plan to provide students with a safe, caring and positive learning experience.


SCHOOL INFORMATION: Elementary At Bennet

BENNET, 68317-2029
SCHOOL PHONE: (402)782-3535
FAX: (402)782-3545
SCHOOL ID: 66-0501-003

The release date for Statewide Assessments is 12/31/2018

The release date for Graduation Cohort and Dropout is 12/31/2018

Student Membership

How many students were enrolled at the beginning of the school year?

Student Race/Ethnicity

What percent of students fall in each race/ethnicity category?


Degree, Experience, & Salary

How many classroom teachers are there?

How many teachers have a Masters degree?

What percentage of teachers have a Masters degree?

How many years do teachers teach on average?

What is the average teacher salary?


What percent of teachers fall in each race/ethnicity category?

Inexperienced Teachers

Teaching on Provisional Credentials

Teaching Out of Field

English Learners

What percent of students are learning the English language?

High Ability Learners

What percent of students can perform at a high level in a specific area?



Free/Reduced Lunch

What percent of students are eligible for free/reduced price meals?

School Mobility Rate

What percent of students enter or leave a school during one school year?

The release date for Teachers is 10/15/2018

The release date for Student Performance is 10/15/2018

Financial Per Pupil Expenditures

English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century